James Mapes

Speaker, Performance Coach, Imagination Expert.

James Mapes is the founder of Quantum Leap Thinking, creator of The Transformation CoachTM, best- selling author, highly acclaimed business speaker, consultant, seminar leader and personal excellence coach. For over 30 years, James has been an ardent student of human behavior and dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations identify and break through barriers to reach their goals and achieve success. He encourages people to be open to new ways of thinking, and his goal is to help everyone make the "quantum leap" toward more creative, productive and confident lives. For both businesses and individuals, his message promotes an innovative, powerful way of thinking and provides a new-found mastery over their perceptions so that, in his words, "the invisible becomes visible and the impossible becomes possible." The results have been nothing short of extraordinary, creating key breakthroughs in both organizational and personal excellence.

Featured Videos

Quantum Leap Thinking by James MapesImagine That! Introduction, Goals and Focus
James captures and holds the audience's attention with a compelling series of stories, demonstrations and video clips that leave no doubt that - "You can achieve what you imagine."
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Quantum Leap Thinking by James MapesImagine That - Managing Change
The bigger the goal - the more we need to be comfortable with change. James explains how we can overcome resistance to change by asking the right questions.
video length: 3:30    Download Video

James Mapes - True Leadership True Leadership: Passion & Values
This two-minute audience interactive clip demonstrates how leaders can ignite both passion and motivation.
video length: 5:00    Download Video

James Mapes - True Leadership True Leadership: Illusory Fear
Using an illusion, Mapes demonstrates the destructive nature of fear, how fear can inhibit leadership excellence and how to break through "illusory fear."
video length: 5:00    Download Video

Speaking and Coaching James Mapes

Imagine That!

James Mapes, the leading authority on the psychology of "applied imagination" demonstrates that success can be achieved by a clear understanding of how the imagination works and how people can learn to use it.

True Leadership

In this lively and interactive presentation, best-selling author James Mapes incorporates his legendary humor, movie clips and an array of audience exercises to push aside the leadership field clutter and get down to a fundamental understanding of what leadership traits are essential to success.

James Mapes